Complete Vegan Protein Natural 2.0

“for life” Complete Vegan Protein 2.0  – Quality, Functionality and Taste

It is proprietarily formulated with organic pea protein, rice protein, hempseed protein, pumpkin seed protein and flaxseed protein, Comparing to the single source of protein, It provides  a full range of  well- balanced amino acids profile and other nutrients  for each serving you take.  It also is easily digestible with improved smooth texture and a neutral taste. It is an excellent source of clean and sustainable vegan protein for all age group of people to maintain good health and wellness, stay active.

It is natural with no artificial flavours, colours or preservatives. It is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, GMO free.

Suggested Use:

Add to smoothies, shakes, breakfast cereal, soups, baking. Mix into ice cream, yogurt, or anywhere possible to create protein rich foods.

Store in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal tightly once opened, and consume within a month.


Organic Pea Protein, Rice Protein, Hemp Seed Protein, Pumpkin Seed Protein and Flaxseed Protein

Nutrition Information

Serving Size: 30g       Servings per Bag: 16

                              Per Serving      Per 100g

Energy                          455KJ          1517KJ

Protein                            23.6g            78.6g

Total Fat                            1.8g              5.9g

   Saturated                        0.4g              1.5g

Total Carbohydrate             3.1g            10.3g

Fibre                                   2.1g              7.0g

Sugar                                  0.5g              1.5g

Sodium                             382mg     1274.8mg

Calcium                         212.3mg       707.5mg

Magnesium                     275.6mg      918.8mg

Manganese                         3.3mg        11.1mg

Iron                                     1.1mg           3.6mg

Zinc                                    0.5mg           1.6mg

Vitamin A                          60.0IU         200.0IU

Vitamin C                           5.9mg         19.6mg

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